Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (SixTic -2019)


Sending a commercial message to a group of people using email is known as “email marketing”. Whenever any email is sent to a current or potential customer, the process is again email marketing.

Email Marketing Services

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Email marketing is used for sending advertisements, requesting business, getting donations, soliciting sales, and more. email marketing helps in building loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Marketing helps in generating a large database of detailed contacts, email and names of correspondence.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Email marketing Services should be carried out with a goal to enhance business relationship with previous or current customer. Build customer loyalty so that they return to do business with you. Get new potential customers by convincing the present ones to purchase something and using third-party ads.

Types of Email Marketing:

  • Transactional emails:

Some of the transactional emails are triggered due to customer’s actions. These include password reset emails, purchase/order confirmation emails, order status emails, reorder emails, email receipts, and more. Transactional emails either introduce or extend email relationship with customers or subscribers. Some vendors allow Companies to add promotional messages in transactional emails. While others offer specialized transactional email and marketing services that can be targeted and personalized.

  • Direct emails:

Email is sent for communicating a promotional message such as product catalogue. Companies collect the email or contact list of customers and send direct promotional messages to them. Sometimes, Companies rent a list of email addresses and send their messages.

  • Mobile email marketing:

Email marketing causes large network traffic via Smart-phone and tablets. Marketers want better methods to advertise products to more people and for longer interval. The rate of delivery is low since most users believe in using several email accounts for various purposes. Emails are generated according to tracking behaviour of consumers. Thus, it is possible to advertise based on the recipient’s behaviour.

  • Advantages of Email marketing:

Email marketing is the second only to search marketing and most effective online marketing method. It is cheap and rapid compared to traditional mail campaign for producing artwork, printing, addressing, and mailing.

Companies sending high volumes of email use Email Service Provider (ESP) for getting information on recipient’s behaviour. ESP helps in providing customer’s response to email marketing and enhances Company’s business.

Email marketing enables cost-effective methods for measuring marketing methods. These include differences, content, copy, visual, creative, and multimedia assets of marketing. The data collected from testing in email can be utilised across channels for marketing campaigns in print and digital.

  • Disadvantages of Email Marketing:

As of mid 2016, there is only a handful of email servers used for email marketing.

Moreover, consumers receive on an average of about 90 emails/day and most of these get under “Spam”.

  • Opt-in email advertising:

Permission email marketing is also known as “Opt-in email advertising”. This method also uses email to reach to recipients who are current, former, or potential customers. Opt-email marketing requires new handshake protocol between sender and receiver has to be incorporated. Opt-in email would positively improve the satisfaction between consumer and marketers. The consumer would definitely receive what the Company shares with it.


In this article, we have discussed in details about Email Marketing. Advantages and benefits show why Email marketing should be incorporated. However, since there are disadvantages, depending on the existing email marketing methodology is not advisable. With the advent of new technology namely Opt-in email advertising, Companies serious in Email Marketing have to modify their business process.

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (SixTic -2019)

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