Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook marketing services is an example of Social Media Marketing Optimisation (SMO). This common platform enables users to interactively discuss branded products. When SMO is combined with traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there is high scale online marketing. SEO is used by popular search engines (google, yahoo) to always list the top ten websites. Thus, these websites are visited by several web browsers who create high traffic and popularise the brand.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Services:

Over the past ten years, Facebook has helped in enhancing small, medium, and large businesses. Members show their great work through their facebook pages that brings new potential customers and consumers. Also, it attracts skilled labourers who join as future employees. Business partners get to extend their email contact lists and sell through their facebook page.

Why use Facebook Marketing Services?

Facebook is the most dominating social media platform that continuously grows every minute. Already, there are over 1.3 billion users where there are about 1 billion mobile users. About 63% of Facebook users login on any given day. On a daily basis, about 50% of Smartphone get connected every hour. About 20% of Facebook users purchased an item after reading or seeing an advertisement.

How to set up social media profile on Facebook?

Your Facebook bio should not be as formal as your bio on the professional site (linkedin.com). All you need to set up a social media profile on Facebook are your image and bio. This profile on Facebook depicts your personality, job, and interests. The bio should be written to attract like-minded people who would like to befriend you. Thereby, you get to add new friends and acquaintances to the “homepage”. Business persons should create homepages for their business to attract potential customers for their brands. While creating online ecommerce sites always add all online contacts. These include email, homepage and others such as Twitter handle, Google+ and others. Encourage people to contact you regarding the quality of the branded products.

In Facebook, “About” tab has the personal information and Company information. The personal profiles comprises of Job, Education, Location, Contact information, Website, Relationship status, Social Media Profiles, Facebook Personal About Page. Each of these mentioned sections can be expanded on to include additional tabs within About Page. If you are creating public or professional Facebook profile, then do not to mention your status. However, you have to write where you work and how to contact you. You can enable your friends to view details.

Company Pages include Location, Products, Founding date, Release date, and contact information. Also, Social Media Profiles include Facebook Company Bio. All these sections should be carefully written and often edited to keep the information up-to-date. The “About” description of your Company should depict visitors what you do and who you are. Always follow Facebook that directs you how to update your bio information.

Images Used:

Facebook profile picture is a square (180×180 pixels) that appears on the left side of profile. This appears on other people’s walls or homepages when you post. Hence, your profile picture should be a headshot. In case you are creating a business page, use the Company logo as your profile image. Ensure the logo image is square and clear in small and large sizes.

Facebook cover photo (851×315 pixels) is the large image that appears behind your profile picture. Larger the size of the image offers greater opportunities to create an impression and sell your business.

Facebook image sizes changes with redesigning so you should remain up-to-date with the latest version and use its recommended image sizes. Also, ensure you use consistent photographs such that people connecting with you can trust you.

Facebook Extras:

All Facebook photos you have added or have been tagged appear on your profile. Ensure there are no undesirable tagged photos that can be untagged. You may turn on the Timeline review to approve tags before their appearance on your profile.

Interest categories ranging from sports to music appear on your profile if you choose. While creating a business profile, do not add this section because it is irrelevant.


The above article shows Facebook Marketing Services, a SMO can be combined with SEO. Over the past ten years, Facebook Marketing Services has proved to be an essential business tool. All types of business including small, medium and large have equally benefited from Facebook. It is easy and user-friendly to use Facebook Marketing Services. All one has to do is create an account or homepage using bio of the Company and Company Logo. Details of both have been discussed in the article above.