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Online marketing agency aids all small, medium or large businesses. The agency works acquire new potential customers and keep the loyal exiting ones. There are various types of online marketing agencies. Hence, you must hire the most suitable and affordable one that brings positive impact on your brand.

Online Marketing Agency

Ask the following questions for deciding on the best marketing agency:

  • Who would be responsible for managing your account?

You need a team under a manager who have combined work experience of thirty years. Hence choose the online marketing agency that offers to work with you and guide you.

  • How do we compare with your other clients?

You might learn that your Company falls under the mid-range so you would be charged accordingly. However, a good online marketing agency would mention to them every client’s needs are different.

  • Would the planning and executions boost your Company’s products?

You would be requested to check the client’s inventory analysis and ensure the business is enhanced.

  • How do you handle client collaboration and communication?

Online marketing agency would appoint a member report daily activities to another person belonging to the Company. Hence, all members of the Company would receive two-way communication. After communicating with your VP you would get the latest business scenario from monthly client meetings. Whenever there is any implementation, the online marketing agency would collaborate and work together.

  • How do you work on Company focus?

Successful online marketing agency concentrates on income percentage generated from loyal and returning customers. In addition, the agency works to get new potential customers.

  • How often do you report and what are present in those reports?

The monthly reports from online marketing agency consist of goals, activities, results, and other work in progress. These reports show how much and where the money from your Company has been spent.

  • Explain how your marketing agency team works over the first 120 days?

During the first month, the online marketing agency spends time to understand your business requirements. Following month is spent in preparing a “customer tailor made” plan that both parties agree with. During the third month, the online marketing agency team implements the plan. Hence, your Company commences getting positive results from the fourth month.

Types of Online Marketing Agencies:

Marketing consultancy: Marketing consultancy audits your marketing plan and offers suggestions. Generally, marketing consultancy agency team does not get directly involved in implementing the plan. Yet, the marketing consultancy team analyses and suggests on the impact of launching the new product.

Direct marketing: Direct marketing Company works on behalf of your Company by planning and managing mail campaigns. The team creates mailing lists matching your target design and market. Direct marketing team creates mailing items and send them directly to people interested in your products.

Telemarketing: Telemarketing Company provides telephone-based marketing services via call centres for your business. Several Companies have moved from land-line calls to Smartphone calls and Text pitches.

Digital marketing: Digital Marketing Company requires the use of internet or social media in your Company’s marketing program. The team from Digital Marketing Company help in developing and enhancing your website or eCommerce site. Team of Digital Marketing Company suggests how to use social media for communicating and interacting with customers. Also, the team targets to get more potential customers such that your business grows.

Marketing communications: Marketing communications consultancy help in developing communication material including brochures, customer magazines, newsletters, and product guides.

Before launching any new product, the Marketing Communication team suggests write-ups, designs, and production services.

The team advise on the most suitable communication materials for the brand new product.


You notice your business is lacking time and ability to plan and implement. Hence, you should hire the most suitable online marketing agency for your Company. The above article has discussed in details all the points to ponder before selecting the best marketing agency.

SixTic – An Integrated Online Marketing Agency India

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