Site crawling is important for Search engine optimization(SEO)  and if bots cannot crawl your site successfully, you will see many of important pages are not marked in Google and other search engines . A site with proper navigation and management help in deep crawling and indexing of your site. Specially, it is important for news site where Search engine bots index your site within a minute of publishing and that should be possible if when bots can crawl site as soon as possible you publish something on it.

There are many things which increase the effective site crawl rate and help to get faster indexing. Spiders and bots are use by Search engines to crawl websites for indexing. If your site is in search engine’s index then only it can be included in search engine result page. Otherwise client has to write in URL directly to get your desire site. So you have a proper crawling rate for your site. Here I am sharing some proper ways to increase site crawl rate and visibility in search engines.

There are many thing which help search engine bots find your site and crawl them. There are many technical aspect of crawling but in simple words  Search engine bots follow links to crawl a new link and it can be achieve by set  your site link on popular sites by commenting and guest posting. Other methods to increase site crawling are like Site pinging, Sitemap Submission and by using Robots.txt

Now we are discussing few of these methods which help to increase Google crawl rate and to crawl your site faster and in better way


1.Update your site content regularly

Content updating is most important and easy way to increase crawl rate. Sites which update their content on regular basis are more like to get crawl more frequently. Site holder can provide fresh content in their site through blog. This method is more simpler then changing your web pages or changing the content of web pages. Static sites are crawl less than that provide regular updating.

Regular content updating is easiest and most affordable way to increase site crawling. You can add new videos or audios to your sites. It is recommended that you should provide fresh content at least 3 times a week to increase crawl rate. There is trick for static site they should add Twitter search widget or on their Twitter profile status widget. Constantly updating will surely help you.


2.Increase Page Rank

This method is also a important factor for increasing Search engine Crawling rate. Most of the search engines crawl are ruled by Page Rank. The site with higher Page rank is being crawl more regularly but this is not only the factor, while you should build links to your site there are other things you should doing. According to Google Page Rank has not help to do with site ranking and traffic but to increase page rank we have to build links.


3.Server with Good Uptime

Introduce your blog on a reliable server with good uptime. If your site is down for long, Google Crawler will set crawling rate appropriate and its harder to index new content.


4.Create Sitemaps

Creating site map is best and for most thing which you can do to make your site         discover fast by search engines. In word   press you can use Google XML sitemap plug-in to generate dynamic sitemap and submit to Webmaster tool.


 5.Avoid Duplicate Content

Crawl rates are decrease with the copied content. Duplicate content are easily pick by Search engines. So Due to Duplicate content site are being less crawled. Due to duplicate content search engine banning your site or lower your rank. You should update fresh and new content. Content should be anything from blog posting to videos. You can improve your crawl rate using many tactics ways or optimize your content. Duplicate resources are available online  through which you can use to authenticate site contents

6.Reduce Site loading Time

Reduce your Site page load time, Crawl work on a budget, if PDF’s or huge images take too much time, there will be no time left to visit other pages of your site


7.Block access to unwanted page via Robots.txt

A simple editing on robots.txt will help you to stop bots from Crawling useless part of your site. There is no point allow search engine bots crawling useless pages like admin pages, backend folders as this is not index in Google.

8.Monitor and optimize Google Crawl Rate

Google Webmaster Tools are used to monitor and optimize Google Crawl Rate. For it you just go to the crawl stats there and analyze it. You can increase your crawl rate manually by set your Google crawl rate and increase it to faster . it is suggested to be use with caution and only when you are facing issue with bots.


9. Don’t forgot to Optimize Images

Images are not read by Crawlers directly. If you want to use images, so be sure to use alt tags to provide description so that search engines can index. Proper optimized images are included in search results. For SEO you should learn Image optimization and should install Google image sitemap plug-in and submit it to Google. This method will bots help you to find all images and help to except reasonable amount of traffic from search engine bots this only happened if you take care of image  alt tag properly.


10. Interlink your blog pages like a pro

Interlinking help you to pass link juice and crawl your deep pages of your site by search engine bots. When you write a new post go back to old post ehich you write before and add a link to new post this will help you to increase Search engine Crawl rate and help bots to crawl deep pages of your site.

Now-a-days social bookmarking has become a powerful tool in the world of Internet. With the help of social bookmarking you can add links of your Webpages as well as websites to other websites. Linking of your webpage to a page which has higher rank eventually increase rank of your page. Generally people have the habit of clicking when they are seeking for help then if your bookmark looks attractive and people when click on your link then rank of your website rises automatically.

Although social bookmarking is a typical job to do but when it is done it results well. In short it is the process of  saving of bookmark of your site to another site with related set of keywords.


Social bookmarking is of three types i.e.

  1. Bookmark the web pages to your websites.
  2. Bookmarking of various web pages to your web sites.
  3. Bookmarking the topic to another website which is related to your topic.

Adding bookmarks manually, while taking a little longer, but comes with a number of benefits.


Some guidelines for creating a bookmark:-

if you want  add a bookmark to any website then Firstly your pages must load faster because everything will be stored on the same server.  You must have total control over bookmarks you add, you can keep the list as you like as short or long.

There is also an easy way to add bookmarks to your website i.e.  Using scripting which produce a single button that then provides you with a pop-up list of bookmark links.

The most popular button is AddThis and this is generally one used on his website. There is another popular option for a single button solution i.e. ShareThis

The benefit of using third-party solution is that a single button is a lot less untidy than a group of small icons. But manual bookmarking is the best approach while doing social bookmarking because while doing social bookmarking manually you never loss your path means it is guaranteed that the work is correct and if you follow automated software approach then if your work goes wrong then you have to correct it manually which results in wastage of time so always follow manual approach for bookmarking.

There are various ways in which you can take help from social bookmarking. To get benefit from social bookmarking you have to follow some methods to reach at the top. The first thing to understand is that goal can’t be achieved in one or two days. you have to keep patience. Hard work is the key to success. Headlines must be good so that goal can be achieved. Some good articles go unlooked just because of poor quality. So hard working on title and headlines surely pay off.

Generally people find ways for making money online. Social bookmarking Is also one solution for them. After studying the whole process of SEO anyone can make money online by bookmarking websites.

Social media marketing is very essential now a day as it is the need of every business to market or to advertise and social media is a tool through which you can make new customers and you can introduce new schemes easily and if used wrong way then it can make bad impression on customers which ultimately decreases reputation of company or firm in the market which help competitors to expand their market.

Social media can help you to establish your brand to large audience and social media can be done easily as you just have to make your links on some popular websites, so that customer does can reach you just by a single click. You have the ability to utilize social media and really grow your business all you have to do is show your product in attractive and in eye catch up manner. But one thing you should keep in mind before doing it is that you should keep your messages simple and exact to the point as it leaves a good impression the viewer.

Make excitement products at reasonable prices so that you can compete to the other brand marketing on social media. The most important thing is that you should present a complete detail of your business so that people can trust you and people should find investing in your business worth the effort.

Social media is very easy and economical as compare to other advertising sources and you can also interact with persons through social media and hence make new and efficient business links.

To advertise your business make links on some popular social websites like facebook, twitter, etc. The normal business world is now migrating to the online world. Look at the book stores, clothing stores and even grocery stores, Following  tips to boost your Marketing:-It is important to make balance in the because they all know that it the future so don’t miss it out.

Market and include all information about the company. Proper connection with the Audience this may become increase awareness and attendance. If anyone comments on your text then make sure that answer to the individual. After particular times update your text so the audiences have proper interest.


1> Online conversation: business is benefited from online conversation because in this people or customers gives suggestion or new ideas by which we can enhance the quality of product and thus consumer is satisfied.

2> Cost effective: social media marketing is cost effective because simply we have to provide link once and that’s why it is used by many marketers in different ways to directly connect to the customers.

3>SEARCH ENGINE RANKING : when it is done in the right way then it impacts on the ranking of various search engines like Google, yahoo etc.

4> people can review and comments on the websites about products and services of the company or the firm and new visitors will get to know about company with the help of such comments and reviews.

5>QUICK TURNAROUND : if social media marketing strategies are planned correctly then a quick response can be observed  and it results in the increase of traffic on your website but it doesn’t mean that conversion rate will increase.